Connect your friends to your card.
Instantly enable real time split payments

The participants limits.

Each person connected to your card define their respective payments participation limit. You can invite as many participant as required for the group split payments.

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    John Smith
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    Michael Cunningham
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    Elsa Love

The Card limit

590 €

The Card limit is automatically defined by the sum of each participants individual limits.

How does it works ?

Create a group.

Just like you would do on a Whatsapp, create a group chat and start chatting about your next get together plan.

Invite your friends to join the discussion and start discussing your next plan to get together. Plan for New years eve, Ski holidays, Stag weekend, 2018 World Cup ...

Manage card limit.

From the group chat, each participants define their own limits for the group payments.

At this point, there is no money movement yet, just a pre-approval from the participants. The card limits will be set to the sum of the individuals limits defined by each participants.

Pay for the group.

Instantly generate a Virtual card for online purchase, or request a Plastic card for in-store purchase.

Start making payments on behalf of your group. Each card transaction will split the payment in real time accross the group individual accounts that are connected to the card.

What Can I do ?

Online group payments with
Virtual cards

Make booking, or purchase goods & services online on behalf of your friends, and split the payments in realtime right from the transaction time.

From an Airbnb appartment, to tickets for the next world cup, make all online booking for your group without breaking the bank for them... Just pay with the virtual card & and you are set for real time split payments!

In-store group payments with
Physical card.

Spend time with your friends without worrying about keeping track of payments made for the group over the weekend. Just pay as you go with the group card.

From the grocery shopping you need during your stay, to the rounds of drinks at the bar next door. The BOLD card have you covered and can adapte to any situation for real time split payments over your stay together.