How is BOLD card different?

We bring group payments to a whole new level by introducing features that make shared payments simple, fair, and secure.


Real Time

All transactions are split instantly. Not before, not after... just right on time!



Only the exact amount is debited. Not more, not less... just what is required!



BOLD card is a MasterCard, accepted everywhere.No constraint, no restriction...just simple!

Share payments with friends for every occasion.

Online group payments with a Virtual card

Make a booking or buy a product or service online on behalf of your friends, and split the costs instantly.

From renting an apartment on Airbnb to concert tickets, make your online purchases for your group of friends without wondering when you will get reimbursed. Just pay with your smart card and all costs are fairly split then and there!

In-store group payments with a Plasctic card

Spend time with your friends without worrying about keeping track of payments made over the weekend. Just pay as you go with the group card.

From the grocery shopping you need during your stay, to the rounds of drinks at the bar next door. The BOLD card has you covered so you can just enjoy your time!

Connect your friends to your card.
Instantly share any payments.

Your BOLD card.

Simply connect your friends to your card on the app, let them define their payment limit and you are all set! You can invite as many friends as required to join the group and split any payments online or in store with a single card.

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Your BOLD card limit.

590 €

The BOLD card payment limit is automatically defined by the sum of each participant’s individual limits.

How does it work ?

Create a group.

Just like you would do on Whatsapp or by email, create a group chat and start chatting about your next plans.

You and your friends can discuss your next ski holidays, a bachelor’s party weekend, New Year’s Eve, a trip to the 2018 World Cup or just a common gift…

Manage card limit.

Each participant defines his or her individual limit.

At this point, there is no money transfer yet; it is just a pre-approval from the participants. The BOLD card limit will be set to the sum of the limits defined by each participant.

Create your BOLD card.

Instantly generate a Virtual card for online purchases, or request a Plastic card for in-store purchases.

You can then start making payments on behalf of your group. Each card transaction will be fairly* split instantly using the individual accounts connected to the card.